CHAMPtitles optimizes vehicle title management

Online car titling. Enhanced security. Efficiency to owners, state governments, and law enforcement.


Vehicle ownership is a massive market.

A vehicle sale requires a change of title – 
a record of ownership maintained by local government.


vehicles are currently registered in the U.S.


new cars sold in 2019


average cost for titling & registration


a vehicle changes hands every 11 years on average

The status quo is an expensive slow, risky, paper-based system

  • Title data is prone to fraud and theft
  • Odometer readings, vehicle provenance, service record data are not traceable
  • Buyers and sellers are concerned with lien, insurance, unpaid tax, or ownership dispute issues
  • A $70 processed loss for each title is incurred (between $50 and up to $90 on average)
  • Titling is slow and involves the auto retailer, manufacturer, insurer, bank lender, and local government
  • Used vehicle sales tax is often not collected
  • Manual systems are susceptible to use error and bad actors

How it Works

The CHAMPtitles Solution

A world-class vehicle title solution where data is no longer at risk and efficiency drives expense savings.

Through the application of its secure, patent-pending technology, CHAMPtitles ends the reliance on legacy systems to manage U.S. automobile titles. The CHAMPtitles approach is to partner with each party in the vehicle title ecosystem to reduce their costs in handling titles, turning the burdensome administrative process of issuing a vehicle title into a profitable activity.



Optimizing Vehicle Title Management

Champ titles is the first to processes titles fully digitally in the US

Game changing technology is launched in Ohio with nationwide expansion plans


Prior to blockchain, paper was the only trustworthy medium for documenting vehicle ownership.

How would you verify the identity of the buyer and seller? Who would confirm that the buyer had insurance? Who would make sure the car dealer had repaired their loan for acquiring the vehicle from the manufacture? Who would believe a car owner laying claim to a vehicle without paper confirmation?

CHAMP utilizes a Blockchain Encrypted Ledger That’s Executable and Distributed, a BELTED system, to create a trusted marketplace whereby all disparate parties are linked together in a secure and immutable way. This allows electronic verification for each’s party relevance and stake in the vehicle’s transaction.

Digital Car Titles | Digital Vehicle Titling | CHAMPtitles optimizes vehicle title management
Digital Car Titles | Digital Vehicle Titling | CHAMPtitles optimizes vehicle title management


Meet the Team

Subject matter expertise

First-hand user experience by way of the founding partner who had a distinguished 30+ year career in the retail automotive business

Industry expertise

Deep roots in the political, automobile, and financial arenas to solve the auto-title expense problem for states, vehicle manufacturers, banks, and insurance companies

Technology expertise

An entrepreneur-led company implementing blockchain technology to solve real-world problems for business

Bernie Moreno portrait

Bernie Moreno

Bernie has 30+ years in the retail luxury automotive and technology businesses.
Shane Bigelow portrait

Shane McRann Bigelow

Chief Executive Officer
Shane has worked for 20+ years on all sides of the investment and entrepreneurial worlds.
Bo Shim portrait

Bo Shim

Chief Technology Officer
Bo is a technical executive with a track record of leading strategic programs, quality decision making, and unlocking speed to value.

Vince O'Neill

Head of Sales
Vince has 20+ years of experience in SaaS and technology sales focused on early stage and high growth opportunities.

Thomas "L.T." Slater

Head of Strategic Relationships
L.T. is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry.

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