Digital Total Loss

Expedite total loss title transactions without changes to adjuster behavior.



Cycle Time Savings


Days Unlocked


Significant Savings

The total loss transaction process has shifted to a more digitized experience...

...but many parts remain paper-based, subject to errors and delays that result in customer and
insurance provider frustrations.

CHAMP’s innovative insurance provider solution, Digital Total Loss, is purpose-built to digitize and expedite total loss title transfers within 5 days without modifying existing adjuster processes.
This service is available in Ohio, California, and Alabama. 

Plans to expand to more states in partnership with large insurance carriers will continue throughout 2023.

CHAMP’s Benefits

Digital Total Loss titles are processed within 5 days on average – a 90% cycle time savings when compared with the industry’s existing methods. 
Digital Total Loss empowers
Insurance Providers to:
Switch on digital title processing without modifying adjuster behavior. Leverage CHAMP through your claims system, or use our web-based application.
Digitize the policyholder’s titling interaction by making it just as quick and easy as the rest of their claims experience.
Initiate the title process sooner - at First Notice of Total Loss (FNOTL) instead of at time of assignment.
Pay policyholders quicker, decreasing shopping windows and increasing NPS scores.
Sell the asset fast! (FNOTL) Salvage titles can reach the yard before the vehicle.

How it Works

Kickoff Titling 

Initiate in your claims system or CHAMP’s portal

Engage Customers Digitally

Customer receives prefilled forms and signs them online

Generate and Submit Documents

Jurisdiction specific documents are created and transmitted to the appropriate DMV

Deliver Lien Release Evidence

Supports paper and
electronic lien releases

Sellable Title

Salvage yard receives clean title in Insurer’s name

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“In an era of instant gratification, policyholders expect same-day service. Digital titling delivers just that.”

Why Digital Titling Is Transformational
Insurance Thought Leadership
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