Champ DTRS

Digital Title and Registration Suite

Champ partners with state government to improve motor vehicle departments by replacing aging title and registration systems


Champ Connects All Points of Commerce

Champ’s technology solves problems often faced by members of the ecosystem.
• Reduces the time it takes for title processing
• Eliminates paper redundancies
• Discontinues the reliance on mainframe
• Enables continuous upgrade cycles
• Turns processing into a near real time solution
• Enhances the citizen’s experience
• Costs $0 for government

Champ’s DTRS Paperless
 Title & Registration Solution

Streamline your state’s vehicle titling and registration process - at no added
cost to your agency
“Since launch, the benefits have been abundant for those who have onboarded to our dealer submission service or our electronic lien and title service, with lots more to come thanks to the forward-thinking design of the Champ solution. 

Realizing the benefits incrementally has been great for West Virginia and all who are enjoying these improved ways of transacting, not least of which is the DMV.”
Commissioner of West Virginia’s Division of Motor Vehicles

Components of Champ’s Vehicle Title and Registration Solution

Champ’s solution is designed from the ground up with a security first approach and offers a modular design, fully configurable to meet the needs of every state – from full replacement to adding capabilities to an existing platform.

Digital Title & Registration Suite

CHAMP's Complete DMV Modernization Solution

A Vehicle Title, Registration, and Lien Management Package to Modernize your Current System 

Web Channel Services

Secure Online Portals Tailored for State Citizens and Businesses to Interact with DMV Title and Registration Services
  • Dealer Services
  • Lender Lien Management
  • Citizen Title & Reg
  • Vehicle Record Inquiry

Secure Gateway Interface

Secure Data Gateway that Supports E-File, ELT (Electronic Lien Title), and VIN Inquiry Capabilities
  • 3rd Party Dealer Service Providers
  • 3rd Party Lender Service Providers
  • 3rd Party Vin Inquiry Service Providers

Vehicle Core Services

A Complete Vehicle Title Administration Solution to Manage Title, Registration, License, Plates, and Dealer Licensing
  • Title Management
  • Registration Management
  • Dealer Licensing Management
  • Lienholder Management

Why Champ?

Champ’s team has 200+ years of combined experience in designing and building mission
critical applications in the financial services, insurance, and ecommerce industries.

Time to Market

vs competitor solution
Can be launched in as little
as 6 months
Quickly enable a full
E-Titling and ELT capability
as well as paperless,
digital titles

Total Cost of Ownership

vs competitor solution
Requires no upfront cost
pay as you transact
model (title transfer, 
registration, lien 
filing/release, etc.)

Future Proof

vs competitor solution
Services are continuously
via our cloud-based
Transition from mainframe at
no additional cost

For six years, Champ has been behind many of the groundbreaking innovations in this space.


Value of Champ to Government

The Problem

Paper-based processes and obsolete mainframe technologies are still in use at many DMVs, which are difficult or impossible to update and come with a myriad of challenges.

Contact Us

“We are excited to be the first state to offer these fully digital services and appreciate the partnership with Champ Titles.”

Everett Frazier
Commissioner of West Virginia’s 
Division of Motor Vehicles
Contact us now to schedule a demo, partner with us, or learn more about how we’re changing the titling ecosystem!
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