CHAMP National
 Digital Titling Clearinghouse

A national platform for retailers, fleet operations, insurance carriers, and the service providers to each of these industries to digitally acquire, store, and transfer vehicle titles.


The Digital Title Solution

Convert Inventory Faster by Removing Title Transfer Friction on Vehicle Acquisition
Now available for three transactions:

Retail Acquisition

For Vehicle Retailers: The titling of acquired used vehicles, readying them for sale and the eventual retitling to a buyer

Same Party-to-Same-Party

For Fleet Operators: The retitling of fleet vehicles as they reach the end of their life

Unrecovered Theft

For Insurance Carriers: The quick retitling of found vehicles in the carrier’s name, avoiding this unrecoverable expense

The Benefits of a National Disciplined, Consistent, and Repeatable Process

An example of online retail

When buying a vehicle, digitally process the title in full compliance with regulations and store them in CHAMP’s Digital Vault. Upon sale, automate off-ramping the Digital Title to your buyers anywhere in the country.
Completes title transfers digitally
Eliminate mailing title transfer paper documents
Securely store your title digitally until transfer is required. This means you never lose your paperwork
Achieve same day title transfers

CHAMP helped West Virginia
 create a National Digital Titling Clearinghouse


Contact Us

“We are excited to be the first state to offer these fully digital services and appreciate the partnership with Champ Titles.”

Everett Frazier
Commissioner of West Virginia’s 
Division of Motor Vehicles
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