Value of CHAMP to Government

Transforming DMV Operations: From Paper Clutter to Digital Efficiency with CHAMP

The Problem:

Paper-based processes and obsolete mainframe technologies are still in use at many DMVs, which are difficult or impossible to update and come with a myriad of challenges
Lengthy time to collect evidence & forms
Prone to errors
Long wait times to process
title applications
Expensive backoffice operational costs
Susceptible to fraud

The Solution:

In 2021, CHAMP partnered with the first state in the country to adopt its DTRS solution. Results:
Simplify title management and 
distribution with a centralized platform
Reduce errors by digitally verifying 
title and vehicle data
Digital document upload and 
management realize massive efficiencies
Configured and updated per exact
state requirements
Digital tools provide proactive
fraud protection
Results by numbers (to date)*:


Fewer pieces of paper than currently used 


Fewer days vehicles sit in salvage yards waiting on titles

Under 7 

Days to process titles, down from 30-45


Fewer minutes and hours that citizens need to spend in DMV offices processing title and registration related transactions
*As of June 30, 2023

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“We are excited to be the first state to offer these fully digital services and appreciate the partnership with Champ Titles.”

Everett Frazier
Commissioner of West Virginia’s 
Division of Motor Vehicles
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