April 15, 2024

Champ Titles Joins as Founding Member of eSTART Coalition

Coalition Advocates for Improvements to Streamline Auto Transactions

CLEVELAND, April 15, 2024 — Champ Titles, Inc., a leading provider of digital vehicle title and registration services, is excited to announce its participation in the Electronic Secure Title and Registration Transformation (eSTART) Coalition as a founding member. eSTART is a group of leading auto industry organizations united in advocating for modern solutions to replace the paper-based processes that currently dominate state and local DMV operations.

“Champ’s membership in the eSTART coalition is a natural fit, as the advocacy from this group of industry members supports the adoption of technology from companies like us as we both work to bring better title and registration solutions to the constituents of the DMV – that being the dealers, fleets, insurance carriers, lenders, and consumers,” said Champ CEO Shane Bigelow. “It is an honor to be part of the original group of coalition members dedicated to such important work for our industry.”

Thomas “L.T.” Slater, Champ Titles’ EVP and Head of Strategic Partnerships, added, “Since joining, the coalition has grown, and we are thrilled with the recent additions of new members. One of our goals as members of the coalition is to work with other industry leaders to help educate the public and those within state governments that the technology to improve the daily functions of and processes at our local DMVs is not only available today but capable of being deployed quickly to benefit their constituents.”

The eSTART Coalition focuses on three key areas of vehicle transactions: 

  • Permitting electronic signatures on all title and registration documents;
  • Adopting tools for electronic submission and processing of title and registration; and 
  • Enabling electronic vehicle records transfers. 

Modernizing these processes will result in significant cost and time savings for consumers, state and local DMV operations and industry participants.

As a strong advocate for the safe and secure digitization of today’s movable assets, Champ is revolutionizing the vehicle title and registration process with its Digital Title and Registration Suite (DTRS). The comprehensive vehicle title administration solution manages titles, registrations, liens, and dealer licensing within a completely digital ecosystem. It is uniquely designed to improve and replace the aging title and registration systems that plague DMVs and their constituents across the country. 

Other automotive industry organizations, including government agencies, industry partners, and associations, are encouraged to join the eSTART Coalition to advocate for these important changes.

For more information about eSTART, please visit or contact [email protected].

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