May 31, 2024

Champ Titles Launches Electronic Vehicle Titling in the State of Kentucky

CLEVELAND, Ohio (May 30, 2024) – Champ Titles, Inc. announced today that its electronic solution for vehicle titling is live and available in a pilot phase in the state of Kentucky.  

In pursuit of a more efficient solution to provide an alternative to the manual, paper-based system, House Bill 284 was passed in the 2022 Regular Session, creating a new provision to the current legislation to establish electronic systems for title, registration, and lien applications that enable the submission of necessary forms and fees electronically.  

For this capability, Champ Titles’ software, in partnership with Tyler Technologies, Inc., was selected by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) last year. It provides a paperless, electronic solution to manage titles, registrations, and liens while reducing costs, improving efficiency, nearly eliminating fraud, and increasing environmental benefits. Members of the vehicle record ecosystem including vehicle retailers, lending institutions, insurance carriers, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and the residents of Kentucky will benefit from this electronic upgrade. To become users of this system, dealers and financial institutions will have to apply and be approved by the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Licensing (MVL) division. 

Shane Bigelow, CEO of Champ Titles, said, “Our modular solutions have been highly successful in catering to the specific needs of numerous state DMVs nationwide, and starting this past month, Kentucky is now among them. Our commitment to providing top-notch speed of service and an exceptional customer experience for citizens of Kentucky begins now.” 

Champ Titles’ technology is saving significant time and money for other states and users of our electronic systems, and Kentucky and their system users will be the next to realize those savings. Once fully implemented, title transfer times will average less than three days, and one title clerk will be able to process at least five times as many titles as before. Additionally, more than 10 million pieces of paper will be eliminated each year going forward. 

Kentucky joined the ranks of West Virginia, New Jersey, and Illinois as adopters of Champ Titles’ Digital Title and Registration Suite (DTRS) as of its launch in the state on April 8, 2024. Champ’s solution is designed from the ground up with a security first approach and offers a modular design, fully configurable to meet the needs of every state – from full system replacement to adding capabilities to an existing platform. In Kentucky, Champ Titles worked in parallel with the KYTC as they upgraded the mainframe and implemented two of the DTRS modules, maximizing new capabilities and ultimately providing the most robust benefits to Kentucky citizens. 

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