April 5, 2023

Champ Titles’ Propels West Virginia into New Era of Digital Vehicle Titling in tandem with New State Law

CLEVELAND- April 5, 2023 – Champ Titles (“CHAMP”), a leading provider of digital vehicle title and registration services, announced its Title Clearinghouse technology has paved the way for West Virginia to pass House Bill 2506, which establishes West Virginia as the first state to serve as a fully-digital vehicle title clearinghouse for non-resident businesses.

This innovative, forward-looking bill was made possible by CHAMP’s existing partnership with West Virginia and Tyler Technologies, which created a first-of-its-kind digital vehicle title system for auto retailers, insurance carriers, fleet operators, lenders, and citizens. As a result, West Virginia now allows licensed non-resident businesses like national auto dealers, fleets, and insurance carriers to transfer existing out-of-state titles into a West Virginia title in their name. This is possible even when the vehicle is in a different jurisdiction, establishing the West Virginia DMV as the central location for quick, efficient, and secure title transfers in the United States.

“HB2506 is a truly groundbreaking law that allows business to work through the government in unprecedented ways. Through solving the problems of auto dealers, insurance carriers, fleet operators, and all the service providers in the title ecosystem, our technology enables faster title and registration processing through WV for the entire country,” said Shane McRann Bigelow, CEO at CHAMP. “Never before has a state DMV served as a legal clearinghouse for properly licensed businesses based inside or outside the state, and it will have tremendous impact on both West Virginia and the businesses authorized to transact there.”

At the foundation of West Virginia’s digital titling offering is CHAMP’s Digital Title and Registration Suite (DTRS), a comprehensive vehicle title administration solution that manages titles, registrations, liens, and dealer licensing within a completely digital ecosystem.

West Virginia’s digital title and registration system went live in 2022, digitizing the entire vehicle titling and registration process, providing online, mobile, and contactless services for vehicle retailers, lenders, insurance carriers, and West Virginians through the DMV’s online portal or through DMV approved service providers. Citizens will soon be able to access their titles like they do a digital airline ticket, and the CHAMP digital system has already enabled the reduction of vehicle title turnaround from 45 days to under one day. The new system is expected to reduce paper usage by over 4 million sheets annually.

"I am excited about this initiative, which will bring millions of dollars to the state of West Virginia and position us as a leader in innovation, as we have been so many times before," West Virginia Governor Jim Justice said. "I'm proud that West Virginia is the first state that's setting the template for others to follow.

CHAMP’s patented DTRS technology is uniquely designed to replace the aging title and registration systems that plague DMVs all around the world. This flexibility is allowing states in the U.S., like West Virginia, to modernize their processes and upgrade the vehicle titling for its primary constituents, which include vehicle retailers, lenders, insurance carriers, fleet owners, the service providers to the title ecosystem, and, of course, West Virginia citizens.

As West Virginia’s DMV sets new standards, the department presented at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Workshop and Law Institute in March 2023 as a first look at the future of business and government vehicle title interaction.

“The packed audience at West Virginia DMV’s AAMVA presentation reflects the interest in our solutions and the success West Virginia is having,” said LT Slater, Head of Strategic Relationships at CHAMP. “We are confident that other states will see the benefits of this leading-edge digital title and registration system and look to CHAMP to be their trusted partner in this important modernization.”


Founded in 2018, CHAMP digitalizes vehicle titling to improve the car buying and selling process for all vehicle title ecosystem members. CHAMP’s patented SaaS (Software as a Service) technology remedies the problems faced by the constituents of state DMVs - automotive retailers, insurance providers, lenders, fleet operators, and the service providers to the title ecosystem. CHAMP has developed several solutions, including CHAMP Digital Title and Registration Suite and Digital Total Loss, which are built on a shared platform to serve different industry verticals. To learn more about CHAMP and its digitalization technologies, please visit

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