December 15, 2022

CHAMPtitles Partners with West Virginia to Modernize DMV

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Champ Titles (“CHAMP”), the leader in delivering advanced title and registration capabilities to DMVs, insurance carriers, and automotive retailers across the U.S., announced yesterday that it has partnered with the state of West Virginia to implement its Digital Title and Registration Suite (“DTRS”), a comprehensive vehicle title administration solution to manage titles, registrations, liens, and dealer licensing. CHAMP will digitize vehicle titles and the process to acquire vehicle registrations and liens in West Virginia, the first state in the country to adopt its solution. 

CHAMP revolutionizes the vehicle titling, registration, and lien process with a first-of-its-kind digital SaaS software or DMV’s. Its technology will expand West Virginia’s current services to facilitate a fully digital process, enabling online, mobile, and contactless services for vehicle retailers, lenders, insurance carriers, and West Virginians through the DMV’s online portal. CHAMP’s modernization to the state’s DMV aims to end long processing times while reducing costs and errors. 

Shane Bigelow, CEO of CHAMP said, “This is a wonderful advancement. Eighteen months ago, we first introduced our DTRS platform to the leadership in West Virginia. Since then, we have developed a trusting relationship with the team there who was active and eager to push forward with a DMV modernization effort. They wanted to deliver a superior digital solution to the citizens of West Virginia, and together along with our partner Tyler Technologies, Inc., we accomplished that.” 

CHAMP’s technology is estimated to reduce the number of pieces of paper currently used by 4,000,000 per year, the days vehicles sit in salvage yards waiting on titles by approximately 1,000,000, and significantly reduce the time that West Virginians need to spend in DMV offices processing title and registration related transactions.  

“This will turn all paper digital, making the entire process much faster, more accurate, and most importantly, more secure. Over the coming months, the new electronic titling system will go live to replace the outdated mainframe, which will further enhance our digital title footprint,” said Everett Frazier, Commissioner of West Virginia’s Division of Motor Vehicles. “On average, before we implemented this, it took the DMV 30 to 45 days to process titles. Today, that work is being processed within a week.” 

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Through the application of its secure, patented SaaS technology, Champ Titles ( digitizes the process of vehicle titling between state government, insurance carriers, financial institutions, vehicle sellers, consumers, and others. Champ Titles, founded in 2018, is focused on creating efficiencies and benefits for all vehicle title ecosystem members. Champ Titles has developed several solutions, all of which are built on a shared platform that serves different industry verticals. This common chassis has allowed the company to adapt its technology for insurance carriers, automotive retailers, and state governments, resulting in lower costs, increased security, and the easy transfer of ownership, benefiting all members of the vehicle title ecosystem. 

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